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Supported Installs of Trading Platforms

RainMaker (Beta) can automatically install your trading platforms for you in the cloud and at your external trading computers.

You can currently install NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts, MetaTrader, eSignal, AmiBroker, SmartQuant, RightEdge and Sierra Chart.

We will be adding these platforms soon: Interactive Brokers TWS, NeoTicker,MarketCetera, Worden TC2000 and OEC Trader.

Drag & Drop Install of Trading Platforms

You can install trading platforms to your cloud servers (or to trading computers you have added to your RainMaker dashboard) by dragging and dropping the icon from your Platform panel. The Platform panel is located on the right side of your RainMaker interface.

Trading Platform-midsize-drag-drop.png

You can also select the trading server or computer in your dashboard, and then click on one of the trading platform icons to install.

Launch Instance - Double Click -midsize.png

If you try to login to your trading server during an installation, then you will see a RainMaker full-screen installation page. Please do not interrupt the trading platform install as it is critical that all files are copied.

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