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You can manage all your cloud trading server across different data centers using the RainMaker simple toolbar interface.

Icon Bar.png

The toolbar is located at the top of the RainMaker Dashboard. Only the tool icons that apply to your computers listed in the running, stopped and backup panels will be highlighted and clickable.


Create Server

Toolbar Create.png

You can create a cloud trading server by clicking on the Create Icon.

You can also drag-and-drop or click on a trading platform listed in the trading platform panel on the server control panel.

You will need to fill in all information, including what operating system, trading platform and the size of your virtual trading computer. You must also choose an administrator password for login to the remote virtual trading computer.

Launch Instance - Double Click -midsize.png

Double click on a trading platform to create cloud server

Trading Platform-midsize-drag-drop.png

Drag-and-drop trading platform on dashboard to create cloud server

Start Server

Toolbar Start.png

After creating a cloud trading server, you can start it by selecting your cloud server from the dashboard and clicking on the Start Icon.

Double clicking on a running server will log you into the remote trading desktop. Or you can click login on your server detail panel.

Stop Server

Toolbar Stop.png
Click on the stop server icon to shutdown a trading server.

In the case of Amazon AWS, this stores away your server and you are not charged for any CPU, bandwidth or disk usage time.

Delete Server

Toolbar Delete.png
Click the delete server icon to completely destroy your cloud server.

Be sure when you click this button that you want to terminate your server because you will not be able to recover it again.

Backup Server

Toolbar Backup.png
Click the backup server icon to make a copy of your cloud server.

In the case of Amazon AWS, this will create a point-in-time snapshot of your trading server, and store it as an image. You can restore your server from this image or transfer it to another location.

Restore Server

Toolbar Restore.png
Click the restore server icon to recover a cloud server from a stored backup server image.
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