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Add Any Trading Computer to RainMaker

You can manage any (off-cloud) trading computer to RainMaker by selecting the Add icon in the tool bar. An off-cloud computer is any computer that is not a virtual server created at a cloud service provider.

Once you add an off-cloud computer, your computer will appear as an icon in the RainMaker dashboard. The trading computer that you are adding to RainMaker must be running the internet browser you are accessing RainMaker from.

RainMaker Interface Guide - midsize - add computer.png

A window from your browser will open showing a dialog requesting that you open or save a RainMaker installation file. Select Open (or run) the installation file. The installation should take less than a minute.

After installation, a RainMaker tray-icon should appear at the bottom of your computer's screen on the task bar.

You're done! You've just added the computer where you are running your browser to your RainMaker.

Now you can install trading platform software, add failover service and synchronize the trading platforms between computers from the RainMaker Dashboard. Our RainMaker server will also monitor your trading computer and give you alerts about its availability and health.

If your trading computer encounters problems, you can optionally use the RainMaker failover service to automatically switch your trading over to a backup cloud trading computer.

Computers at Home, Office, Traditional Data Centers or VPS Hosting

Often traders will want their primary trading computer running at their home or office for greater control of the local computer.

However, when the trader's internet connection, power, trade server connections experience outages, backup cloud computers are an inexpensive and reliable way to switch over trading. With RainMaker's failover service, trading can be automatically switched from a trader's home computer to a cloud trading server hosted at Amazon AWS.

Or for whatever reasons the connection across the internet to the trading and data servers are unavailable or slow, traders sometimes choose to boot up cloud trading backup computers located in data centers at different geographic locations.

Traders who have hardware equipment located at tradition co-location data centers can also take advantage of the RainMaker system to add on-demand backup and failover cloud servers to give them better trading up time. RainMaker can connect and monitor your co-located servers in real-time no matter where they are.

VPS and other cloud service providers also work well with RainMaker software. Using under 100Mb of disk space, and less than 10Kb of memory, RainMaker runs silently even on computer systems with low resources.

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