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Why your trading platforms should be synchronized?

Your trading platforms download and process a large amount of data each day.

In order for you to have continuous trading availability, you need the data and changes to be backed up and updated on your servers. At the time of failover, your backup server should be as closely mirrored to the original master trading server as possible. Otherwise, it may take minutes or in some cases nearly an hour to download heavy amounts of tick data.

RainMaker can do hot mirror backups of your trading platform data and files. You can have one-to-many mirrors, where one primary trading server synchronizes to many cloud and off-cloud running servers.

In the RainMaker failover system, synchronization can also occur at the time of boot or resuming a warm or cold failover server.

How to sync two trading servers

Toolbar Sync.png Click the Sync icon to synchronize one trading server to another.

You may sync cloud and off-cloud servers in any combination of one-to-many configurations.

For example, you can sync your master trading computer at your home to your backup server in the clouds. Simply pick which computer in your dashboard is the original and which is the target server.

When not to use trading platform mirroring?

The RainMaker data and file synchronization of your trading server requires network (local LAN or internet) transfer of data. If you are low on CPU or bandwidth on your master trading computer, you should turn off RainMaker's sync function.

We also recommend not synchronizing your trading platforms if the data needs sub-minute mirroring of data. There is too much data to transfer, and you should not expect it to occur in less than a one minute period. You should set your trading platform synchronization to no less than five minutes unless you have an extremely fast connection, fast CPU and at least 4GB of memory.

You should contact us with more details of your trading setup (especially off-cloud configurations) before using sync times less than five minutes.

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