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Monitoring Panel

RainMaker monitors each computer and trading platform you have added to the RainMaker dashboard.

RainMaker shows you the status of your computer and your trading platforms.

Adding and Deleting Trading Platform Trackers

In the monitoring panel, you must add a trading platform tracker for each trading platform you want to track. You do this by selecting the trading computer in the dashboard, and then selecting the trading platform from a drop-down menu list in the monitoring panel.

Once you add the tracker, it will start collecting data. It may take a minute to fully register at your trading server.

If you want to delete a tracker, then select the trading platform and hit delete. This will remove the tracker from your trading server.

Availability of Trading Platform

RainMaker will report the availability of the trading platforms you choose to track. This is real-time data passed back and forth between RainMaker and your trading server and trading application.

CPU, Memory, Network Activity and Disk

RainMaker reports to you operating system summary statistics for CPU, Memory, Network and Disk. These are the most crucial elements of your computer's stability. These are updated in real-time, but you must hit the refresh button to pull information from your server. The reason for the manual refresh is to impact as little as possible your trading server's resources.


You can set RainMaker to send you warning alerts when there appears to be trouble at your trading platform or server. You can choose to get a real-time alert when a warning or failure happens. Or you can request only summary alerts be sent to you.

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