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What is a trading failure event?

Setup a Failover Service

Toolbar Failover.png

The Failover icon on the RainMaker toolbar allows you to add failover service to any trading computer you have added to the RainMaker dashboard.

By pressing the icon, a configuration window pops up.

You need to specify what type of failover server you want to use during a trading failure event. Currently, RainMaker supports hot, warm and cold failover servers. You can read more about them here (How the failover service works).

Start Failover Service

Panel StartFailover.png

To start your trading server with failover service, you must select your trading server from the RainMaker dashboard.

This trading server MUST be stopped before you can start it with a failover service. Running trading computers cannot start-up a RainMaker failover service. This is because they won't be properly synchronized at boot-up.

Once you start your computer by clicking on the Start Failover button in the Failover panel on the right side of the RainMaker interface, both your trading server will be booted. RainMaker will then prepare all the failover servers and services required to track, report and take action should your trading server or trading applications fail.

Stop Failover Service

Panel StopFailover.png

If you click stop failover service, then all your failover servers and services will discontinue. Your master trading server will be returned to you as a normal running service with failover service attached.

In order to restart the failover service, you must stop your trading server and hit start failover to once again boot your trading server with failover service running.

Delete Failover Service

Panel DeleteFailover.png

Deleting a failover service from your trading server will remove the failover service configuration. Your trading server will no longer be configured to the RainMaker failover service.

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