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How to get RainMaker

Currently, RainMaker is available at MyTradeHost, the ultimate trade hosting solution. Please go to the link: for more information on purchasing RainMaker.

Setting up your Private Credentials and Access Keys at Amazon AWS

The access key page looks like this:

Access Credentials.png

Go and click the "Access" link at the top of your RainMaker interface.

Account Bar - Access.png

Then enter access key and secret key into the access window to activate your Amazon AWS service with RainMaker.

Access Dialog.png

You must enter your Amazon AWS access and secret keys for RainMaker to work.

Then pick a passphrase to encrypt your private information. Your AWS keys and passphrase are never uploaded to the Triage Servers. We instead store a strong encrypted text string that our Company or anyone with access at our servers cannot decrypt. Only you can decrypt this information with your passphrase at your internet browser.

Please remember your passphrase because we cannot send you a new one.

And by clicking the remember passphrase option, you can store passphrase in your browser’s cookies so you don't always have to type it in each type you login.


RainMaker supports all the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

However, we recommend you use Google Chrome as your internet browser for the fastest web application experience. You can download Google Chrome at:

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