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The Triage Connection application will send you alerts when your NinjaTrader connection status changes. More than that, any error report or information update from NinjaTrader can be easily configured to be sent to you. These alerts can be sent to any voice phone, SMS, email, fax, instant messenger, RSS, Twitter or Facebook account.

Triage Connection runs independently from the NinjaTrader program, and sends you detailed information about the connection status, logon/logoff, redirection of servers and network problems between your trading platform and the Internet connection to NinjaTrader.

Simply install TradeWatch -- that’s all it takes to start sending NinjaTrader connection alerts any time and anywhere you go.


IMPORTANT: Please follow all steps carefully!

32-Bit and 64-Bit NinjaTrader Instructions

  1. You must first add the Triage_NinjaTrader_Msg.dll as described in NInjaTrader 7.0 manual under NinjaScript\Educational Resources\Tips\Using 3rd Party Indicators. The dll can be found in your /user account/My Documents/NinjaTrader7.0/bin/Custom folder.
  2. You should then import the package into NinjaTrader 7.0 as described by the NinjaTrader instruction manual. To import:
    1. From the Control Center window select the menu File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript to open the Import NinjaScript dialog window
    2. Select the file you want to import, in this case the found in a folder on your computer similar to: C:\Users\<your username>\My Documents\NinjaTrader7.0\bin\Custom
    3. Press the "Open" button and following the directions until the import is completed.
  3. After importing the into NinjaTrader 7.0, you should see in your indicators list an indicator called: TriageConnection.

Quick Start

  1. Please make sure you are in TradeWatch “test” mode (which can be set with the TradeWatch program tray-icon on your Windows taskbar).
  2. Insert the TriageConnection indicator into your chart, and alerts will be sent to your message destination via TradeWatch.
  3. Set the input parameters to your desired settings. You can use the defaults to see it in action.

Input Parameters

To configure your connection status reports, open the properties of the TriageConnection indicator. You should see a list of parameters similar to the image below:

MsgDest = enter where you want to send the connection status message. 

Please refer to the Triage Messaging User's Guide for more details.
MsgMaxChar = the maximum number of characters to include in the message.
MsgType = enter the message type. 

You can choose phone, sms, email, fax, yahoo, msn, aim, gtalk, icq, twitter and facebook. Please refer to the Triage Messaging User's Guide for more details.
ReportConnection = if set on true, then connections or disconnections will be reported each time NinjaTrader connection status changes.
ReportErrors = if set on true, then each time an important or critical error occurs with NinjaTrader a message will be sent to you describing the error.
ReportIssues = if set on true, then problems affecting, but not critically disabling NinjaTrader will be sent to you describing trading platform issues.
ReportWindow = on Triage Connection indicator load up, how far back historically in NinjaTrader's event log to analyze (in seconds)?
SmartReport = if set on true, then Triage Connection will try its best to find only the most recent or critical errors and issues and send them to you. 

The purpose of this parameter is to prevent those times when NinjaTrader generates ten to a hundred event messages and it floods your email or other messaging destinations with too many reports.
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