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The Triage Slippage Watch application will report the slippage you are getting while entering positions. It will report the difference in your strategy average entry price and the price you received from the trade server.

Quick Start

  1. Please make sure you are in TradeWatch “test” mode (which can be set with the TradeWatch program tray-icon on your Windows taskbar).
  1. Insert the $Triage_Slippage strategy into any chart.
  2. Set the input parameters to your desired settings.

Input Parameters

ttAccount_Name: List the account you would like to report, such as “SIM8168886M”.
ttSymbol: Type in the symbol you want to watch for slippage. If left blank then the symbol in data1 used in your strategy is used as the default. Most clients will just leave this setting blank "". 
ttUnits: How to express the amount of slippage?

"$" 	means to express it in terms of dollars
""	means to express it as number of points
ttPrecision: Number of decimal places to report price information.
ttMsg_Type: Choose the message type you are sending:

"printlog"     = message is sent to TS print log
"phone"        = voice message to phone
"sms"          = text message to mobile phone
"fax"          = text page to fax machine
"email"        = message to email
"yahoo"        = message to Yahoo IM
"msn"          = message to MSN IM
"aim"          = message to AIM (AOL) IM
"icq"          = message to ICQ IM
"gtalk"        = message to Google Talk IM
"rss"          = message to RSS Feed
"twitter"      = message to Twitter account
"facebook"     = message to Facebook account

Please see Triage Messaging User’s Guide for more information about this parameter and how to use it.
ttMsg_Dest: Send messages to one or more destination addresses or numbers.

Please see Triage Messaging User’s Guide for more information about this parameter and how to use it.
Messaging Service Example Destination
Mobile Phone or Device via Short Message (SMS) 14155551111
Text-to-Voice Phone Message to any Telephone or Cell Phone +14155552222
Text Fax to any Facsimile Device +1-415-555-3333
E-mail Relay bypassing tradition SMTP and Mail Clients
Yahoo Instant Messenger yahoousername
AOL ("AIM") Instant Messenger AOLusername
Microsoft MSN or Live Instant Messenger
Google Talk Instant Messenger
ICQ Instant Messenger 570102039432
Twitter™ Account Twitter Alias
Facebook™ Account Facebook Alias


If you get a “Waiting for account…” message in your chart for the $Triage_Slippage strategy, then you must check to see if you are online and connected to the TradeStation trade server. You cannot retrieve account information without being connected.

You can find your trade server status at the lower right hand corner of your TradeStation application. If the trading status is red, then you are not connected.

Please also make sure you enable intrabar order generation and calculation if you do not see alerts being generated. You can find the enable checkbox when you go to Format Strategy under the calculation tab.

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