What Happens When Auto-Trading Fails?

What Happens When Auto-Trading Fails?

If you run automated trading (especially from remotely hosted locations), then you must have a high degree of reliability in your trading servers.

You know how disastrous having significant downtime can be. It can lead to everything from lost trading opportunities to bad trades.

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RainMaker Solves Your Up-time Needs



Track your trading in real-time, anywhere you host trading computers.

At home, office, VPS, co-located or cloud data centers, catch software & hardware failures.



Backup all your trading files, and synchronize your trading platform, so you won’t miss a beat.

Hot and remote mirroring on live data and running trading programs.



Automatically switch trading from your desktop or hosted server to failover servers anywhere in the world.

No matter what happens, you can have uninterrupted trading.