Trade Watch



TradeWatch constantly monitors your automated trading. Wherever your trading platforms run. Whether in the cloud, co-located or at your own office, you’ll know the health of your platform– so your automated trading performs well all-the-time.

TradeWatch checks at regular intervals and notifies you if your trading platform fails. It also sends you information about your account, trades and positions in real-time.


Send ping “heartbeat” signals to your trading platform and computers. If you lose contact, an alert is sent to you. Even if your data, network or internet fails!


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Send alerts when your trading platform status changes. Discover disconnects, network failures, redirects and errors to your data and trade connections.


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Position Mismatch

Get notified each time your live trading positions and your trading strategies do not match. Eliminate costly errors in your automated trading.

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Data Quality

Check your data accuracy against mulitple free-online third party data sources. Ensure that your data is clean and timely.


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Network Inspector

Check the latency of your internet network between your trading server and your brokerage and data services. Find out where your intenet connection is bogging down.


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Order Report

Send messages to yourself every time your trading platform creates or fills a trade order. Get instant notification of every trade as it happens in real-time.


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Screen Shot

Capture your trading platform screens at set intervals throughout your trading day. Sent to you via email or review them on your computer at the end of the day.


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Account Tracker

Know how much money you’re making or losing in your trading account. Set triggers for when your making or losing lots of money.

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Strategy Tracker

Know all your strategy positions as they occur throughout your trading day.

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Position Tracker

Know all your trade positions for all your accounts at regular intervals.

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Slippage Watch

Track the slippage in your trades in real-time. Never miss another big slippage trade without contacting your broker right away.

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Margin Watch

Get an alert if you are close to getting a margin call, whether your account is low on cash or when you have to close leveraged day-trading positions at end of the day.

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Buying Power

Check if your overnight/real-time buying pwoer are within acceptable ranges before the close. Get alerted when your account is at risk of violating brokerage rules.

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Custom Messaging API

Send trading messages from your own trading applications with the Custom TradeWatch Messaging API


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Custom Ping App API

Send heartbeat Ping signals from your own trading applications with the Custom Ping API


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Pick from over a dozen messaging methods that include phone, SMS, email, instant messengers, social messaging and email. Be connected to your automated trading wherever you are in the world.





Trade Watch messaging API integrates with NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts and Sierra Chart. You can send important messages from your trading platform to any phone, mobile device, FAX, instant messenger, social network or E-mail.

All it takes are three easy steps. In less than ten minutes, you can set up and start sending important TradeWatch messages everywhere you go. Reliably and hassle free…


Three Simple Steps


Account Sign-Up

Sign-up for an account and download the TradeWatch software from our download page. Install the software on your trading computer.



Add Line of Code

Add a single line of code to your trading system or indicator. Read about how simple at our online User’s Guide.



Let it Run!

Run your system or indicator. When your trading code runs, a message is sent to your phone, mobile, fax, RSS, IM, e-mail or social networking account.


That’s It!

From this modest start, you can create sophisticated TradeWatch Messaging applications within your trading platform’s indicators and strategies. Send trading account details, important news, trading signals, market positions, prices, indicators and a whole lot more.